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New Paradigm
Multi-Dimensional Transformation

Nesho is always aspiring to inspire others by assisting them to recognizing their true power and inner beauty. He is dedicated to lovingly steer individuals into connection with their Higher Selves.  Through his wisdom,  sensitivity, humor, kindness and sincerity, Nesho is a gifted facilitator whose intention is to provide clients and students peace from life’s daily challenges through gaining insight from their I Am presence.

There were many pivotal moments through Nesho’s personal journey. As a child he was in tune with surrounding spirits . Sensitivity to these energies continued to increase and around age 12, he began connecting with crystals and  building vortexes. Shamanistic explorations and  channelings arising in middle school eventually lead to multi-dimensional vision quests & healings in high school. A world religion’s teacher, a yogi, and an oracle inspired him to follow the course of his heart during early development. A long decade after the first unexpected hands-on healing incident with friends, Nesho was ecstatic to encounter Reiki and other energy-based modalities that not only proved  the possibility of his past phenomenon but also scientifically supported it.  He is grateful to have interacted with many teachers that have guided him along his path. All of the individuals and experiences have served as final preparations for Nesho to answer his calling as a facilitator and teacher for the new paradigm.

In the past he practiced a wide range of energy-based therapies including  becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, serving as an agent for the Akashic Records, and is currently dedicated to facilitating NPMDT (previously known as Shamballa) workshops. It was shortly after the 13D Master certification that he was able to clearly identify that the angelic realms had been integrating with him since adolescence. He also identified that the Basic Master class contains an elegant formula that ultimately leads participants into awareness of their multi-dimensional nature. Essentially, Nesho recognized the MDT experience in many ways paralleled with his early shamanistic journeying  where he originally awakened and began expanding in freedom and love.

Nesho is an inspiring educator who has a passion for being a catalyst for personal transformations and global change. He has mentored under John Armitage (aka “Hari Das Baba”, Founder of MDT), Andrea Lopez (Gold Star Healing), the Usui System of Natural Healing (Equilibrium Chicago), Christina Cross (Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process), and is also a priest in the Order of Melchizedek.  Now Nesho is thrilled to be teaching New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation classes and workshops that focus on raising the consciousness of his clients and students through the universal power of love.




Energy Arts Specialist





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