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Guided Meditations

We use guided meditations that facilitate energy clearings from the physical and light bodies to bring balance and harmony into the entire beings energetic system. Each is channeled with different Angels, Archangels, and Multi-Dimensional Masters through the facilitator of the workshop. Some of the guided meditations are: DNA Clearing and Activating, Implant and Entity Removal Meditation, Light body Activation, Cutting Karmic Ties with Archangel Michael, the Mahatma Activation, Cosmic Meridian and Nadi Activation, The Violet Flame Meditation, The Ascension Meditation, and many more.



Following the clearings in the meditations are activations that trigger wake-up codes in the DNA.

There are activations of the different parts of the light body, as well as the activations of the Shamballa energy. The entire process leads to a transformative awakening where the individual becomes more self-aware as a divine being from the Source of all creation. This enhances the flow of Divine Love (Universal Life Force Energy) and therefore effectiveness of each of the tools that the participant learns to use.



Immediately after the Activations we meet in pairs to ground the energy raised during the activations. This allows the information, downloads, and activations to process in a gentle and complete way. By grounding in pairs and running the energy we gain experience on how and what performing a hands on healing facilitation is.


Teachings & Tools

New Paradigm MDT is a system of self-empowerment that leads the individual into awareness of their higher-self and as a result allows them easier access to our natural human abilities such as healing with the hands, creating vortexes, and clearing lower vibrations from spaces, the body, and even food. It contains the most comprehensive, effective, and wide-range list of amenities that are available for your cosmic toolbox. We will guide each one through the steps of accessing and using them. 




Alongside the  Activations, every   master class offered will contain     and instruct the following TEACHINGS and TOOLS






Keys to observe and balance the major characteristics of the Ego (mind) & the I AM (soul)

Tactics for grounding into the I AM through connecting with the Heart and Breath.

Understanding how to stand in your power and share the love at the same time.

Releasing what doesn't serve your highest and best, thus allowing for personal growth to commence.

Creating healthy boundaries in all environments and with all relationships.

Releasing from victimhood mentality, and taking total responsibility for your freedom.

How to remain self-empowered in ego driven environments, around energy vampires, toxic attitudes, and/or the energy of victim consciousness.


Receiving anecdotes that assist with your personal path of transformation, and self mastery.

Living a life in freedom from fear and living a life beyond judgement.


Embracing life without escaping reality.






Facilitating Energy

​Energy Facilitation 

-Hands-On Healing Practices (certified)

-Distant Healing

-Exchanging energy without picking up another one's energies. 

-Energetic housekeeping and hygiene

-Accessing the full spectrum of Divine Love to assist with healing practice and or energy facilitations

-Accessing and using the Violet Flame

-Accessing and using the Mahatma 

-Building energetic vortexes for sacred space or energy work


-Learning to clear lower vibrations from food, water, and environment.

-Meditation and Self-balancing techniques

-How to effectively set intentions

-How to ground the energy






Basic Master

Basic Master (2 days)

This Basic Master class is an experience that will guide you through the necessary steps in becoming aware of the multi-dimensional nature of reality. Through a series of meditations, activations, energy groundings, and discussions you are given tools that will assist you on your path of personal transformation throughout life. We focus on releasing old programming, accepting yourself as a divine creative being, and welcoming the energies of Personal Transformation, of Love and Freedom.

•    4 Shambala Activations
•    Implant and entity removal Meditation
•    Dissolving karmic ties with Archangel Michael
•    Antavkarana Activation
•    Lightbody Activation
•    Anchoring the Diamond in your Heart Activation


•    History
•    Who are the Ascended Masters, Archangels, etc.
•    The 12 chakra system
•    Standing in your power
•    Hands on Healing
•    Mastery

Graduates are encouraged to take 13D Master, which is of a higher energy.

Graduates may also take Basic Master Teacher. Includes manual and Basic Master Certificate.

2  Days – 8 hour classes
No Prerequisites

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Basic Master Teacher

Basic Master Teacher (3 days)  

Available to those who have taken Basic as well as 13D initiates who wish to teach Basic.

•    Violet Flame with Germain
•    DNA clearing and Antakarana Activation
•    Cosmic Meridian and Nadi Activation
•    Advanced Mahatma Activation
•    Ascension Activation


•    The Violet Tribe
•    Diamond Light Frequency
•    Working with Ascended Masters
•    Facilitating NPMDT activations

•    Being a Source for others to learn
•    Arranging Workshops

•    Distant Healing


Includes official manual and official numbered Basic Master Teacher Certificate.

3 Days – 8 hour classes
Prerequisite – [BM or 13D certified]

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13th Dimensional Master

13th Dimensional Master (4 days)

Activations to the highest and most recent evolutionary energies available to humanity on this planet. Clearings, code activations, DNA clearings and activations. Activations into 12 dimensions of these personal transformation energies, plus a 13th activation which opens you to further ones as they become available to humanity and as you are ready.

•    13 original and access to new activations
•    Merkaba Consciousness, Phase Lock
•    Axiatonal & Galaxatonal Alignments
•    Lightbody Activations & Avatar Consciesness
•    Metatron Meditation & Platinum Ray Activation
•    Reprogram Crystaline Body
•    Activate Sacred Geometry


•    Ascension
•    Energetic housekeeping
•    DNA Activations
•    Facilitation of energy for self and others
•    Channeling (what is it, how it works)

•    Working with Divine Helpers
•    Working with Crystals


No prerequisites. Anyone who feels called to can take this course.

4 Days – 8 hour classes
No Prerequisites

Things to Consider

Reasons to experience a New Paradigm MDT class:



-If you feel called to it.

-If you want to expand awareness of the spirit

-To wake up, or further awaken consciousness

-To experience the full potential of living

-To gain access to all birth rights, healing with hands, clairvoyance, etc..

-To live a life of freedom

-To move beyond fear and judgment internally and externally

-To gain knowledge about the deeper truths of the universe

-To gain stronger access and connection to ones spiritual side

-To learn tools about healing, vortex building, food clearing

-To bring more light into the world, help shift the vibration for the future

-To be a part of the change, consciously

-To develop natural talents and abilities further than imagined

-To become a certified practitioner and take skills to a professional level

-To become more grounded

-To have tools to help others, and a fluency in the language of the heart in a sharable fashion

-To gain clearer receptivity to your intuition (the greatest guide you have access to)




-To heal the self

-To take control back of your life

-To assist with growing out of addictions

-To quiet the mind

-To enhance focus

-To have a more balanced life

-To break cycles or habits that may not serving you in the highest and best

-To move beyond the limitations of current healing modalities

-To have a spiritual practice that fits in your schedule

-To exceed Reiki abilities

-To reprogram the ego

-To be free from the unchecked ego

-To become free from restrictions derived from religious systems, media, and mind control

-To gain complete sovereignty

-To develop healing arts

-To enhance cooking, living, art, creativity...       Anything is better when done from the heart.

-To connect in a clear way with spirits, guides, angels, spirit guides, and cosmic helpers

-To deeper understanding and practicality of crystals, vortexes, and energy in general



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