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New Paradigm
Multi-Dimensional Transformation


We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. It is when we breathe deep and listen to our heart, that we are able to connect with the guidance coming from our higher-self. This guiding higher-self is also known as the "I Am" presence.


Master Teachers of New Paradigm MDT assist with integrating a solid connection between you and your "I AM" presence. This allows for clearer self-awareness in life. It helps us to witness whether we are making fear-based (ego) decisions, or heart-felt intuitive (I AM) choices. Discernment of this nature is one of the first steps to self-mastery.

A true master guides others into the steps of their personal path to self-mastery. 

New Paradigm MDT is a system of

self-empowerment through freedom and love..


Everyone is capable, and all are welcomed.





How it Works

A series of guided meditations containing energetic clearings and activations of the Shamballa (NPMDT) energies through the class will assist in integrating your I Am Presence with your body and mind. This process accelerates personal growth as well as increases the receptivity of intuition.


Your intuition will always be your greatest guide, by strengthening your connection to it, we are essentially connecting you with the greatest possible guide you will ever have access to.

The facilitations accompanied with the teachings and hands on energy practice, deliver experiential guidance that allow each student to master accessing the full spectrum of Divine Love.

Once the activations are complete, this divine energy may subsequently be called upon to use for energy facilitations such as healing, simply by placing the hands and saying "Shamballa On". 



Facilitating Energy

New Paradigm MDT energy facilitation is  used for grounding but it can also can be a vibrational therapy to relieve symptoms of discomfort associated with sickness and dis-ease. The facilitator accesses the full spectrum of universal life force energy to assist with accelerating the healing process. The effects of this transference tend to feel pleasant and restorative. In times of stress, it may alleviate the roots of mental torment and help to ease the burdens that the mind suffers from. The enhancement of grace and ease that follows a session makes knowing how to offer this to another very fulfilling. It is a true hands-on approach to bringing wellness into the world.

Grounding and clearing has the ability to lead to a profound healing process, it can remove unwanted symptoms by releasing lower vibrations that we have been carrying throughout our life, energies that no longer serve us. A majority of the illnesses that we have are self-created from painful experiences that we have lived through and held inside. This therapy works to remove that energetic clutter from our body and our life. Clearing this stuff results in rebalancing, and harmonizing on several levels. Ultimately, it just feels nice.

Great  For:

  • Centering of the self.

  • A quick mental, physical, and energetic tune up.

  • Rebalancing the chakras, realigning the meridians and energetic pathways throughout the body.

  • Clearing up a hangover.

  • Fighting infections and on-coming illness

  • Immediate relief with symptoms of discomfort, be it physical or mental. 

  • Immediate stress relief. 

  • Speeding up of the healing process in the body and mind.

  • Clearing the mind and enhancing focus.

  • Realigning before multi-tasking of any sorts.

  • Feeling a buzz.

  • Assisting others with pain or suffering.

  • Having supplemental options to offer.

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